excessive use

See: abuse, waste
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Frattini's letter calls for 'clarification on the allegation of the possible excessive use of force,' said spokesman Friso Roscam Abbing.
The court also found that the inmate stated a claim of excessive use of force in his allegation that a corrections officer indiscriminately discharged pepper spray.
The court also found that a prison guard who had a realistic opportunity to step forward and prevent a fellow guard from violating a prisoner's rights through the excessive use of force, hut fails to do so, can beheld liable for an Eighth Amendment violati on.
This reveals that excessive use of force by police officers while effecting an arrest represents a problem to address, but it does not appear as widespread as the media portrays.
Among the first individuals to recognize excessive use of ambulatory services and to develop a system to address this problem was the late Donald C.
On the surface, the Denver Police Department seems like any other: an urban police force saddled with a history of controversial police shootings, excessive uses of force, and allegations of racial and gender discrimination.