excessively critical

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As a result, you are excessively critical and judgmental and this will not only affect your business relationships but could lead to lost opportunities.
Burr, a Republican senator from North Carolina, referred to the report as "shoddy" and excessively critical of the CIA and former President George W.
He had a controversial style and often appeared excessively critical of the match he was reporting.
The coverage has been excessively critical of the Maoist bid to "politicize" the army, while the stance of the opposition, though equally driven by similar considerations of political expediency, has been subtly portrayed as an act in "defence of democracy".
Headley ends the book with worries that American fundamentalists, Islamic zealots, and postmodernist academics are excessively critical of Europe's inestimable contribution.
He alleged that his departmental manager was excessively critical and strict about his time-keeping and work.
A teacher or other adult who is excessively critical to a child, particularly in public, can have a major impact.
Nord's book, for all its undeniable value, is excessively critical of public education, fails to appreciate the difficulties in the way to teach about religion more adequately, doesn't provide an adequate roadmap out of the dilemma, is insufficiently critical of school vouchers, and generally lists somewhat to starboard.