exchange blows

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The bishop hath need of a champion, because, if any cause be set to test of combat, it would scarce become his office to go down into the lists with leather and shield and cudgel to exchange blows with any varlet.
First, they said it was a shouting match; next, they said we slapped each other; and now we've exchange blows.
They begin to exchange blows before a third male in a black T-shirt wades in and lands a blow on the man in blue.
Meanwhile, the stable is to host three WBF title fights in March and May The fights will see pound for pound fighter Tommy 'Show" Nakashimba (14f-8W-5L-1D) exchange blows with a formidable opponent Darrl Basadre (11F-10W-1L) (Philippines) in a bout slated for the 29th of March in Rosh Pinah.
He added that "even if the speaker beat anyone with his stick nobody could retaliate because that is not within our ethic of membership to exchange blows.
With a four-point lead in the final round, Evans stuck to his boxing as Kadirkoroglu became scrappy, wanting to stand still and exchange blows.
UPSET: Lamont Peterson (left) and Amir Khan exchange blows.
The two have exchanged insults on Twitter and now boxing promoter Eddie Hearn wants the two twits to exchange blows, with the proceeds going to charity.
Pavlik hung in there until the end as both fighters continued to exchange blows as the final bell sounded.
CUTLINE: Mark Williams, left, of Piercing Emporium, and Dan Arpin, of Out of This Dark World, exchange blows during the Give Kids a Fightin' Chance charity boxing event at the Palladium last night.
The pair were seen to exchange blows and McDonald later confirmed that Karim, a recent signing from Barnt Green Spartak, has since left the club.
A deadlocked middle period, where the Bombers out shot the Spartans by 12 shots to five, saw Scott Ward and Sheffield's Lee Haywood exchange blows.

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