exchange for money

See: liquidate
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A three-year-old boy from Lapu-Lapu City is the latest child rescued from the hands of his mother, who admitted to have sexually abused her child in front of a camera in exchange for money.
Unable to let the issue go, she asks Simon to "mess Joe up" in exchange for money.
Summary: State Security arrested a suspect on charges of accepting bribes and offering fraudulent promises in exchange for money, according to the state-run National News Agency.
The Intelligence Directorate also detained the Palestinian Sleiman Ahmad Zaarour who belongs to another network and was planning to carry out simultaneous actions in exchange for money amounts.
Maysam is suspected of researching opposition members and passing the information on to a contact in Iranian intelligence in exchange for money.
FACEBOOK users are being warned of a scam asking them to take out mobile phone contracts in exchange for money.
The father proposed marriage of his daughter in exchange for money, local media reported on Tuesday.
Washington, March 10 ( ANI ): People in Britain are reportedly taking to Facebook to sell their kidneys in exchange for money.
The suspect was planning to sneak the fraudulent documents into the UAE to deliver them to people in exchange for money.
The dawn raids targeted 49 people in Turkey's largest city Istanbul and the capital Ankara suspected of accepting and facilitating bribes for some projects and getting construction permits for protected areas in exchange for money, the Hurriyet newspaper reported.
He also brought in other criminals, using their back accounts to launder his ill gotten gains in exchange for money to buy drugs and even forced one of his victims to let him move dirty cash through his account in the slim hope of receiving goods he had already paid for.
One of them stands accused of promoting the cancellation of violations in exchange for money.