exchange letters

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The girl, now nine, has been living with her new family for six years but, until recently, was able to exchange letters and greetings cards with her mum.
1968 -- Kuwait and the United Kingdom exchange letters concerning ending the defense agreement of 1961.
The students and their pen pals exchange letters once a month, and all letters are mailed to and from the senior center.
Since the San Jose mine collapsed on August 5, the couple have only been able to exchange letters.
A lonely doctor finds a letter from his new home's previous occupant and begins to exchange letters with her, which soon takes a romantic turn.
We have been able to exchange letters and photographs.
They exchange letters, their love for one another growing, until war destroys everything between them.
It states that all PoWs must have the right to exchange letters with their loved ones and be treated humanely no mater who or what they are.
The novel becomes, in effect, a road novel, or better yet, a pilgrim's progress, in which we learn to appreciate the courage to exchange letters, to express truths about ourselves living in close proximity (family, nation, planet).
In the 1950s, the two social scientists began to exchange letters on their views of sexuality and other related values such as religion and ethics.
The pair still exchange letters and Nicholas's parents credit Rowling with helping their son overcome his illness.
In their book, Lettres parisiennes: Autopsie de l'exil, Anglophone Canadian writer Nancy Huston and Francophone Algerian writer Leila Sebbar exchange letters while living in Paris.

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