exchange of blows

See: battle, fight
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Jurgis and the fourth stayed long enough to give themselves the satisfaction of a quick exchange of blows, and then they, too, took to their heels and fled back of the hotel and into the yards again.
He had intervened in a row at Belvedere Grove in Wexford town in July 2011 and as a result of an exchange of blows his 21-year-old brother Michael died a week later in Beaumont Hospital.
The attackers then pushed the victims that led to exchange of blows.
There was an exchange of blows and Roberts, described as the main instigator, was caught in Westgate.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Due to an exchange of blows that came after a heated discussion over Turkmens in Iraq on Monday, Parliament will have a two-day recess.
However, there was no exchange of blows or use of physical force by either party.
As part of their inquires, detectives travelled to interview Mr Prescott in his Humberside constituency a few days after he was involved in the exchange of blows.
Bridie Smurthwaite, prosecuting, said: "There was a fight between them, in the course of which there was an exchange of blows.
The exchange of blows between the FPM and PSP ministers over telecoms revenues, the cost of road projects and the hiring of some 400 people at the Ministry of Social Affairs prompted Mikati to intervene and raise his voice against the state of disarray within his Cabinet, which is dominated by Hizbullah and its March 8 allies.
The referee resets the women, and the exchange of blows resumes.
She said she does not want to comment on the exchange of blows by candidates but pointed out that "such incidents are quite natural in elections.
There was an exchange of blows during which the defendant punched Mr Clancy a number of times, before running back into the pub.

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