exchange of commodities

See: commerce, trade
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The State Committee of Trade and Consumer Protection of Bashkortostan held a meeting on organization of exchange of commodities with representatives of Uzbekistan.
Mutrif Siddiq, affirmed that the relations between Sudan and South Sudan are progressing on the right track, indicating that the past period witnessed signing of a number of agreements between the two countries and formulating bases for easing the exchange of commodities and financial transfers and organization of border trade and customs.
While the exchange of commodities between Qatar and Korea is important, See- Jeong said that he considered developing a more personal relationship to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries.
What happens, though, when an artist participates directly in the creation of market value and enters into the exchange of commodities through his or her own works?
The company's belief is that there exists an opportunity to create a pricing mechanism to more efficiently facilitate the exchange of commodities and raw materials.

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