exchange of views

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It had been agreed to speak as little as possible: they did not even renew the exchange of views regarding the defection of Palmer, which had occupied their minds on the way.
There was an acute interest in all their faces dur- ing this exchange of view points.
In the absence of any coordination amongst GECF MCs unnecessary competition may occur even among Members as well, therefore there is a need for closer coordination and exchange of views on the market condition and on the ways and methodologies to address the highly competitive condition of the market," he added.
They had detailed exchange of views on the planned visit of Prime Minister, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif to USA with focus on economy, energy, trade and investment as potential areas for discussion with a view to enhancing bilateral cooperation.
BRUSSELS, July 19 (KUNA) -- Members of the EU Foreign Affairs Council during their regular monthly meeting in Brussels on Monday will have an exchange of views on Iran, following the recent agreement on its nuclear programme.
A statement by the Information Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that al-Mullah expressed in the letter of invitation hope that the visit of al-Jubouri to Bahrain be an opportunity for consultation and exchange of views on everything that would consolidate the bilateral relations between the councils and the peoples of the two brotherly countries.
Nothing over the top, it wasn't a row or anything, but a good exchange of views.
During the discussion, both sides had useful and extensive exchange of views on various regional and international issues and agreed to hold regular consultations and exchange of views to strengthen cooperation on shared issues.
The agreement includes cooperation in the field of training and studies, research, the exchange of views, proposals and ideas in order to develop the activities of the parties in the field of legal affairs and health, social and education services.
Speaking to reporters after meeting with Turkish President Abdullah GE-l for exchange of views, Kylycdaroy-lu called on Erdoy-an to apologize to people to end the protests.
Shaikh Salman will make a significant contribution to the meeting as an exchange of views and ideas between Fifa's member federations takes place.
The Cabinet has approved the establishment of the Energy Policy Council with a view to hold regular briefings and exchange of views between the Minister of Commerce and parliamentary parties on energy matters.