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RATE OF EXCHANGE. Among merchants, by rate of exchange is understood the price at which a bill drawn in one country upon another, may be sold in the former.

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Keywords: Capital inflows, cointegration, error correction model, India, real exchange rate misalignment
The market's forecast for the RMB exchange rate has focused predominately on the RMB-dollar cross rate, ignoring the Chinese currency's trade-weighted exchange rates (or nominal effective exchange rate and real effective exchange rate).
This short review essay describes my research agenda on real exchange rate determination, the Penn effect, and the Balassa-Samuelson theory, using a new data set of European price levels at a disaggregated level.
It should be noted that the priority is to avoid excessive exchange rate volatility, which is one of the jobs of the central bank.
We build upon the work by Korhonen and Wachtel (2006), which is the only study that estimates exchange rate pass-through in more than one CIS country and has a comparative focus.
Although this decision is not officially recognized as a devaluation, it is the de facto creation of a new exchange rate for those operations.
More interestingly, she is also inbred to Seeking The Gold, the damsire of both Exchange Rate and Conchita.
March 1992: Dual exchange rate, LERMS, Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System
Mayaleh said that despite the decrease in the EUR/USD exchange rate, the USD/SYP exchange rate increased by 0.
Sales of Tena-brand incontinence care products increased 3%, excluding exchange rate effects.
Government's possible future action depends on relative size of losses under different policy regimes and, although a fixed exchange rate system can bring about price stability, the flexible exchange rate system is a more attractive alternative as long as the cost of the exchange rate adjustments is not very high.
Exchange rate policymaking is of high importance as any adjustment in the exchange rate could influence several sectors of the domestic economy in different ways.