exchange views

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Then I will show you my turquoise if there is time, and then you know who I am, and then we exchange views and documents and those-all things.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will hold a one-on-one meeting with President Barack Obama on October 22 to exchange views on bilateral relations and matters of mutual interest.
After lunch, the ministers will exchange views on what the EU can do to revive the Middle East peace process and improve the situation on the ground, and also exchange views on the EU naval operation against human smugglers in the Mediterranean.
The leaders will discuss bilateral relations and exchange views on the current regional situation especially the situation in Iraq and Syria.
They also called for continued reciprocal visits by Iranian and Armenian officials to consult and exchange views on the bilateral relations and other issues of mutual interest.
The forum aims to achieve integration between the different emirates without competing, and to launch ideas and exchange views on issues.
Foreign Ministers of Uzbekistan, Turkey exchange views on relations development
Chief Secretary Carrie Lam says the Government will host four breakfast meetings in March for Legislative Council members and Central People's Government Liaison Office officials to exchange views on legal matters relating to Hong Kong's constitutional development.
The head and president of the African governments and state had held closed door meeting followed the opening session, which kicked off Saturday morning in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa confined to the Presidents only, to deliberate on the African relation with ICC and to exchange views and opinions on the recommendations submitted by the ministers and experts to adopt a united position prior to issue a joint communique on the issue.
The council will hold a meeting every three months, prior to the quarterly consultative meeting of the Governor of the Central Bank of the UAE with all CEOs of operating banks, to enable the members to exchange views and agree on topics to be raised by EBA at the meeting rather than sending such topics by bank individually.
He announced he would convene a special meeting to exchange views to make further better the security of parliament lodges.
Summary: Tokyo, April 19, 2010, SPA -- Kuwait and Japan on Monday kicked off the first round of negotiations on a bilateral investment agreement between the two countries, in which the participants are expected to exchange views on the basic approach to the pact and discuss its content.