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The average abnormal price response of the convert firm's stock on the announcement of an exchangeable debt offering is -1% over a two-day event window and reliably nonzero with an associated t-statistic of -2.
30,843,000 exchangeable class 1-A-9 'AAA'; Outlook Stable;
26,212,000 exchangeable class 3-A-5 'AAA'; Outlook Stable;
33,829,000 exchangeable class 2-A-13 'AAA'; Outlook Stable;
At maturity, each exchangeable note being offered by The Allstate Corporation must be mandatorily exchanged for up to one share of common stock of The PMI Group, depending on the market price of the common stock at such time, subject to adjustment and to The Allstate Corporation's option to pay an amount in cash in lieu of the delivery of common stock in such exchange.
50,490,000 exchangeable class 4-A-9 'AAA'; Outlook Stable;
13,108,000 exchangeable A-13 'AAA'; Outlook Stable.
53,905,000 exchangeable classes 1-A-9 'AAA'; Outlook Stable;
Assuming that the plan of arrangement receives the required approvals, the exchangeable notes, together with all of MinVen's issued and outstanding convertible indebtedness (the "convertible debt"), which aggregated approximately U.
10,824,000 exchangeable classes 1-A-7 'AAA', Outlook Stable;
94 Exchangeable Preferred Stock after consummation of the exchange offer for such stock, and under the terms of the exchange offer, the company required tendering holders of $4.