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He predicted in 1904 that the Conservatives would become "a party of great vested interests, banded together in a formidable federation; corruption at home, aggression to cover it up abroad; the trickery of tariff juggles, the tyranny of a party machine; sentiment by the bucketful, patriotism by the imperial pint; the open hand at the public exchequer.
The chairman said after the enquiry, he will take strict action against those who proved to be guilty and that wastage of national exchequer would not be allowed in any case.
Thus caused a loss of approximately Rs 402 million to the national exchequer.
The Welsh Joint Exchequer Committee also discussed the progress of the landmark Wales Bill, which has just completed committee stage in the Lords.
And now the master stroke, the Bank gives the money back to the Exchequer, something other bond buyers are not noted for.
My obligation as the Chancellor of Exchequer is to get value for money for the British taxpayer, just as the Indian government wants to get value for money for the Indian taxpayer.
Sharon Byrne, the IBA's chairperson, said: "We believe that Ireland's policy makers should now prioritise reforms to create a regulatory and fiscal environment that protects indigenous jobs and a level playing field for the betting industry, maximising the return to the exchequer from our sector.
He warns: "If the Lottery Fund continues to be raided in order to boost the Exchequer, there will be far less remaining funds for all the good causes I had hoped would benefit most from its creation.
Gosforth-based Technology Services Group Ltd (TSG) has been named as Exchequer Software's UK Reseller of the Year for 2004.
Two companies in the mid-range financial software market, Exchequer and IRIS, have joined forces to develop an electronic link between their flagship products.
Lastly and perhaps the most threatening is the established knowledge that any alteration in a country's currency inevitably means the exchequer of that country will use the opportunity to meddle with values, invariably meaning a public loss and an exchequer gain; allied to which, all engaged in the retail trade will use the confusion to mark up their commodities.
Exchequer Software has publicly launched the Mobile Desktop system which allows Exchequer's Enterprise accounting software package to be run over the Internet.