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Tenders are invited for production of excisable printed materials - booklets, court documents on carbonless paper, preparation of files for administrative cases, printed forms and forms according to models approved by the Assignor and binding of printed publications, which is done monthly necessity, upon written request by persons authorized by the Contracting Authority, and is divided into two separate lots as follows: Lot No 1: "Manufacture of excisable materials"; Lot 2: "Binding of printed publications" included in the list of goods and services under Art.
Illicit trading provides a lucrative incentive for criminal organisations to counterfeit and to smuggle excisable goods which can have detrimental effects on a government's revenue and health objectives," she says.
They may, for example, seize a vehicle as liable to forfeiture in respect of Vehicle Registration Tax offences, or offences related to excisable products or controlled drugs, or VAT fraud.
The linkage between tax burden and illicit trade of excisable products: The example of tobacco.
In the context Pakistan where billions of rupees are annually lost to cigarette black market and other excisable commodities, the proposed printing of stamps on these goods comes as a significant move that would greatly help to eradicate the untaxed cigarette trade.
at 624 ("In the case of stolen goods, the owner from whom they were stolen is entitled to their possession; and in the case of excisable or dutiable articles, the government has an interest in them for the payment of the duties thereon ").
3) The track which should be excisable en bloc with the tumour.
Every person who manufactures or produces excisable goods must register for excise duty for each manufacturing premises and file monthly returns.
For example, EU has implemented a substitute computerized system, the Excise Movement and Control System, which differs from the standard track-and-trace model by collecting only limited information in excisable goods, not monitoring duty-paid products, and relaxing the requirement for product markers.
Energy Minister Vladimir Shkolnik said December 8 that the said the tariffs for excisable goods in Kazakhstan will be regulated by the government starting from January 2015.
The award for Best Tax Stamp Programme was presented to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for its Excisable Goods Management System (EGMP), which the Kenyan scheme exemplifies a holistic approach to excise tax collection and monitoring and has a holographic tax stamp at its heart.
The most critical and exhibited field of this phenomenon are those of the excisable products, especially the mineral oils, alcohol and tobacco.