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3 years), even though margins of the last excision were positive in 41% of all CMN and in 77% of large CMN.
Objectives: To show the importance of frozen section-controlled excision to avoid the re-recurrence of recurrent basal cell carcinoma (BCC) of the eyelids.
Intact Medical focuses design, development and marketing of innovative, minimally invasive systems for the excision of tissue for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in select cancer markets.
A fascial defect that developed in two patients after surgical excision was repaired with prolene suture material by us.
When treatment is warranted, loop electrosurgical excision procedures (LEEP) are the most common intervention.
The ideal candidates for treatments involving excisions include patients who have few scars; well-demarcated scars (ice pick, boxcar, acne excoriee); or deep, fibrotic, or hypopigmented scars, and those who have realistic expectations.
Whilst excision biopsy by needles would seem an attractive alternative to surgery, when applied to benign disease, a significant question that arises is why such lesions might need to be removed in the first place.
These cases could have been selected for excision based on their radiologic findings.
In trying to reduce the high incidence of positive margins and the need for re-excision or mastectomy after single hooked wire excisions, a system of placing multiple hooked wires around the perimeter of a lesion before excision has become more common.
Three patients had had no previous surgical excisions, 2 patients had had two previous excisions, and 1 patient had had one previous excision (none of these was performed at our institution).