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This work explains how to use a computer simulation method called excitable media models to identify patterns in nonlinear physical, chemical, and biological systems.
Shiloh is a Boxer cross about 18-months-old with a boisterous, excitable nature |who needs a strong owner.
It was slightly unorthodox running him back after five days, (but) he's a very excitable horse and I think the run the other day took the edge off him and he relaxed a bit more.
For excitable media, researchers often employ a two-variable partial differential equation (PDE) model, which is known as FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) model [14,15].
You know, I'm quite a hyperactive, excitable kind of person so it was a matter of really taking away my own natural energy and sort of subduing that to give some sense of pathos and depth," Contactmusic quoted him as telling BANG Showbiz.
Contrary effects produced on the brain by male and female hormones also point to a possible chemical basis for a woman's generally more excitable nature.
9am: Awake to find excitable Scottie dog licking my foot.
Dunwoody, ably assisted by former 'Strictly' champion Lilia Kopylova, was joined by seven other celebrities and their professional partners in a Friday evening group mambo that left the excitable Tonioli mesmerised for all the wrong reasons.
IN BETWEEN Robin Ince's excitable, rambling trains of thought, the stand-up can be heard garbling out little manic asides to himself, like "I think I'm having a breakdown" or "I'm definitely ill".
Their short, sharp and fast punky tunes reek heavily of youth and exuberance, and lead singer Jon Corbett has an edgy and excitable sound to his singing, which matches the brilliant guitars.
Historians are still squabbling over the incident, and conservative revisionists have recently made strong arguments that the Guernica death toll was overstated by excitable foreign reporters.
On May 16, mustering support for President Bush's proposed crackdown on illegal immigration, The O'Reilly Factor's excitable host advanced his theory of why some Americans are wimping out on militarizing the border.