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Design 3 has indirect excitation using sub-pole and sub pole winding, so it will reduce magnetic negative effect on direct-excitation method.
The method of increasing the starting electromagnetic torque by means of connection in the excitation winding of the SSM capacitors known in the literature for a long time, but the problem of mathematical modeling of processes, which accompany their asynchronous start, remains unresolved so far.
In this application, the excitation capacitors are connectable in star or delta.
Similarly to our preceding studies, we apply a bell-shaped excitation, A days long, centered at the epochs [t.
Consequently, it is necessary to identify clearly the mechanism of the excitation sources producing broadband wind noise and that of the transfer response system into the passenger compartment.
Edlen's theory finally accounted for the mysterious spectral lines, and later work established extreme coronal temperatures as the excitation cause.
n] symbolizes current excitation of the nth antenna element, K = 2[pi]/[lambda] is the phase constant; d is the inter element spacing, [lambda] is the wave-length of the signal, and [theta] is the angle from the positive z axis to the orthogonal projection on the point of observation.
All output options and excitation voltages are field selectable.
17] studied the nonlinear dynamic response to simple harmonic excitation of a thin-walled beam with a breathing crack by employing a refined one-dimensional model.
Moreover, the excitation control in combination with the coordination control with TCSC can achieve better transient response [8].
First condition considers the sample as a solid structure, meaning that the excitation parameters are evenly dispersed throughout the sample allowing proper analysis of drilling forces.
We have developed a novel approach to hyperspectral imaging that overcomes the limitations of emission scanning by filtering the fluorescence excitation (excitation scanning), rather than fluorescence emission.