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Exciting Activities for Kids: Ride the Ducks of Baltimore (25 Light St.
Partnering with Bungalo is an exciting achievement for us," comments Terry Johnson.
Henry and the senior management team have built a uniquely successful restaurant operation with many exciting growth opportunities, and I look forward to being their partner in the Company's next phase of growth.
CALIFORNIA GIRLS, an exciting new 5-reel, 15-line video slot featuring songs from The Beach Boys, the most popular American band of all time;
Our agreement with MGM Interactive is an example of how we are establishing licensing partnerships with premier entertainment and media companies to deliver new and exciting mobile entertainment content.
This marketing initiative marks a first for AOL Latin America and Burger King to jointly target important segments of their consumer markets using an exciting online promotional campaign.
These talented individuals and others involved with the Company are dedicated to building a very exciting new Company as evidenced by our recent activities and East Coast purchases.
Leveraging Excite@Home's broadband performance advantages, this new service offers @Home customers exciting real-time video content, the TeVeo Live(TM) webcam software and access to Teveo's webcam communities.
Alloy will leverage Excite@Home's global presence to reach new users, while at the same time, Exite@Home will be able to offer its Generation Y users exciting new content and shopping opportunities.
Excite@Home has been a constant leader in deploying next-generation technology to capture exciting new markets," said Stephan Bouchard, Play's vice president of business development.
The preliminary results that HP has seen from benchmarking our Java platform with the Java HotSpot Performance Engine have proved to be very exciting, and we look forward to both sharing this technology with our customers and announcing official benchmark results shortly.