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This offer, designed for the residents of Karachi only, aims to provide the local residents excitingly low calling and SMS rates, so that they may enjoy the freedom of connecting with the ones that matter on amazingly economical rates
Excitingly paced, "Havoc at Harrison Hospital" is a charming mystery with a message and engaging key characters.
99) THE story revolves around a group of 30-somethings - but sadly it has been done before, more adroitly and excitingly.
The story unfolds ever more excitingly and every time the reader fears for Freddy's life, help comes from very unexpected twists and turns in the complicated plot.
The Audi A5 has been crafted into a modern grand tourer, based on a classic vehicle concept but given an excitingly new interpretation by Audi.
Vance provides an excellent, fully voiced, excitingly paced presentation.
Pamela Armstrong was a phenomenal Elvira, tossing off roulades, delicious trills and excitingly well-placed high notes, while retaining necessary tenderness.
Whether it's the Far East investor as expected or - more excitingly or frighteningly depending on which half of the city your loyalties lie - the unlikely prospect of the world's fifth richest man, Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, Blues are threatening to go upmarket.
How excitingly informative it was to photograph these gatherings of forestry practitioners, government employees, citizen activists, students, and urban forestry advocates from around the U.
In a nutshell: Excitingly staged and - as is often the case with the works of Bertolt Brecht - still relevant.
Congratulations to Arena on an excitingly thoughtful and well-written selection of contributions in this latest edition of the magazine.