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When Basil died, I started getting cards and e-mail from all over the world, from people I didn't even know," exclaims Basil Thompson's wife, Kitty, from the family's home in Iowa City, where Basil was tenured professor at the University of Iowa.
REGISTERED Libertarian Brady Joslin laughs when asked if he ever expected to vote for a Democrat, then exclaims, "Hell, no
Kelsey exclaims, "The first year I won the national championship was the most exciting.
A CARTOON OF A DANCING COW ON THE DOOR OF THE Baires restaurant in Rome's historical center exclaims "I'm Argentine
Our global organization just received a very powerfully positive influx of talent and expertise; the future is surely bright for Phoenix and our clients," exclaims Bill McInerney, Phoenix founder and CEO.
Still a ``work in progress,'' as Fox Sports boss David Hill exclaims, that famed glowing puck can be seen again with the naked eye Sunday at noon when the forward-thinking network covers the St.
I was delighted to deliver the news to Margery and Irwin," Thompson exclaims.
Tony Paris, VP of Information Systems at Pioneer exclaims, "iDashboards is the right tool at the right time, now we can easily customize dashboards.
exclaims coffee shop owner Jane Maine of Java Jane's in Billerica, MA.