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itsnotthatfunnythough) and also pragmatically strong exclamatory expressions (e.
Exclamatory mark hairs and pull test: In the present study acutely presented cases showed pull test positive of >6 hair follicles.
taking into account the subjective attitude (modus) of the speaker with respect to what appears in the video: declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory, desiderative, possibility and hesitant.
In the case of Freshana and Petromist, I didn't get the "show"--no yelling or exclamatory statements that "this product will turn a land fill into a nature preserve .
Lura lept up, euphoric, spilling her hot soup in an exclamatory, pea-green ray across the floor.
When this book hits one's desk with a fairly substantial thump, it is hard to resist an exclamatory 'wow'.
In baroque music the wide intervals are often described as having an exclamatory affect, in rhetoric known as exclamatio.
And yet, throughout their tour, we heard exclamatory words and phrases like "I've never before" and "This is the best" and "Amazing".
The clip, in which the band members cavort among fedora-wearing fans who sing along with the song's exclamatory hook, drew a page from the group's onstage playbook: "They go out into the audience and play a song with the crowd gathered around," Roper says.
But, as Bennett argues, the principle political act for Ranciere is "the exclamatory interjection of affective bodies as they enter the public," disrupting, through that exclamation, the order and ordering of the public (105).
No doubt, the exclamatory sentences, as the fifth subcategory of lexical features, indicate the subjectivity of the narration and consequently the voice of the character along with that of the narrator: "How he scolded her