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Exclamatory question:--This particular type of interrogative clause has the form of an exclamatory clause.
The exclamatory rendering of Akpetyo's name at the end of the song is the main body of the poem.
But the challenge he is taking on for the first time Wednesday at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard could be enough to make someone from Shakespearean times utter the old exclamatory oath "odds bodkins
The sheer amount of skulls glowering out of the structure gives weight to its exclamatory form.
In addition to the monograph on the interrogative sentence, during the preparatory of work of EKG Helle Metslang carried out a study of the exclamatory sentence (Eesti huudlausest afektiivse suntaksi taustal.
The form of the opening sonnet, for example, arouses the expectation of lyric, and so does the first person pronoun, but instead of proceeding in the present tense or in the exclamatory mode as we would unthinkingly expect from lyric poems, the speaker provides the reader with a narrative past tense vignette of poetic self-consciousness and the need for both sincerity and authenticity in courtship.
The exclamatory prose is belied by the film's first image, a staid, rectilinear framing of a white, three-story house.
The suspect then moved his hands in an exclamatory sign and continued laughing before pleading not guilty.
the toy was activated so that it made noise, lit up, and/or moved and simultaneously the child's parent turned, looked, and pointed to the toy, making an exclamatory comment, such as "Wow, it's Elmo[TM]
Announcing to Orlando his brother's murderous intentions, the hitherto near-silent Adam breaks out into fourteen lines of a curiously exclamatory homage to Orlando.
The tiny reserve, which takes barely half an hour to cover by foot, echoed with exclamatory sounds each time we spotted the primate.
The often cited and exclamatory 1988 Hamas charter is an antiquated document.