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Seven sizes of rectangular excluders were tested: 52x105, 50x100, 50x95, 50x90, 45x90, 45x80, and 40x80 mm (internal dimensions).
lSelf adhesive rubber strips have similar attributes to foam excluders.
6 times as excluder depth increased from 2 to 20 cm, with only a slight difference in aboveground dry mass between the 20- and 40-cm excluders [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1C OMITTED].
TURN DOWN AND SWITCH OFF The research also showed over half of people believe that using a draught excluder helps us save money, but only two-fifths realise only filling up the kettle with as much water as you need also helps.
We also sell a lot of door stops and draught excluders together.
Don't forget to fit brush draught excluders or a letterbox cover to the back of the letterbox to keep out draughts and also make the back look neater.
The gap at the bottom - use a brush or make or buy a draught excluder.
net) also create cosy tartan gifts - cushions, throws and draft excluders - ideal to brighten up a room while keeping you warm.
If you don't have draft excluders, double glazing or loft insulation, then you could also benefit from their free advice.
As part of Warm Homes Week he was able to see for himself the effectiveness of heat-saving measures including draught excluders, loft and cavity wall insulation and low energy light bulbs.
There's a wide range of draught excluders on the market.