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To say what good of fashion we can, it rests on reality, and hates nothing so much as pretenders; to exclude and mystify pretenders and send them into everlasting 'Coventry,' is its delight.
What if the false gentleman contrives so to address his companion as civilly to exclude all others from his discourse, and also to make them feel excluded?
This excludes claims "based upon, arising from, or in consequence of such Insured Person having gained in fact any personal profit, remuneration or advantage to which such Insured Person was not entitled.
Seminary professor Duane Priebe at Wartburg has been quoted as saying that if you draw a line that includes us and excludes others, Jesus is always on the other side.
512(b)(1) excludes all dividends, interest, annuities and payments for securities loans (as defined in Sec.
This election is made by filing a return for the tax year of the sale or exchange of the taxpayer's principal residence that excludes the gain from gross income.
Finally, paragraph 95(2)(f) currently excludes from FAPI any capital gain or loss that accrued before the affiliate was a foreign affiliate, but only applies to the extent that the property disposed of was owned by the affiliate at the time the affiliate was acquired.
The language of the contract or agreement for sale of the new home must conspicuously mention the housing merchant implied warranty and provide that the limited warranty excludes or modifies the implied warranty.
The church has not paid enough attention, on the personal level, to the tenacious role of the unconscious, and, on the societal level, to the displacement of these psychic forces by repression and projection onto whatever humans our "in-group" excludes.
Rich cites several organizations that lesbians have helped in the past, and not a single example she listed excluded lesbians as part of its mission as the 100s excludes nonlesbians.
If a court excludes the accountant's expert opinion because it is based on implausible assumptions, the prevailing litigant could file a complaint for disciplinary action against the accountant with the state licensing board or initiate a malpractice action for the value of its claim.
EBITDA, a non-GAAP metric which excludes stock-based compensation expense and other items as defined at the end of this press release, is now expected to range between $132.