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section] 265(a)(1) is not limited to cases involving excludible refunds of otherwise-deductible costs.
The Court of Federal Claims held that the American Express vouchers were not excludible from wages as de minimis fringe benefits.
The amount of excludible interest in this example would be $1,000 ($1,500 X $3,000/$4,500).
Employer reimbursements of employee health expenses for OTC drugs are treated the same as other excludible employer reimbursements of employee health expenses.
However, the frequency with which the employee uses the employer-provided cell phone for personal reasons may be detrimental to the argument that any personal use is excludible from an employee's gross income as a de minimis fringe.
The Sixth Circuit agreed that the award was taxable gross income and not excludible under Sec.
In determining QEEs payable from an education IRA, total QEEs are first reduced by scholarships or fellowships excludible from income under code section 117 and any other tax-free educational benefits.
It may well be argued in a federal proceeding that this information, otherwise excludible by the federal privilege, can be disregarded, but this may be a difficult argument.
With more and more couples today opting to live together, it can be a shock to learn that some employer provided fringe benefits generally thought of as excludible are actually includible in income.
On audit, they agreed that $91,406 of the gain should have been included in their gross income for 2000, but they asserted that the remaining gain of $500,000 was excludible from their income under Sec.
Why would a contingent fee be excludible from a plaintiff's income?
If an employer's program qualifies, the educational assistance that is excludible by the employee consists of any payments by an employer for expenses incurred by or on behalf of an employee for the education of the employee.