exclusive application

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The contracting authority wishes the project team to have significant experience in urban and landscape planning and should have at least the following competences (the conditions for exclusive application are set out in the consultation rules): : Landscape; architecture, urban planning; Infrastructure and HHT; Lighting; Skate park design and equipment dedicated to the practice of urban sliding sports; economy.
Even if Solar Impulse appears at first glance to be an extremely exclusive application, we apply the lessons learned to our polycarbonate and polyurethane raw materials used in everyday products such as refrigerators, building insulation and automobiles.
exclusive application for the Nokia Lumia 1020 offering the most advanced
4) An exclusive application, Panasonic Smart App, has to be downloaded.
An exclusive application will also mean people with Virgin's new TiVo TV service will be able to bring their tunes into the living room.
0 development tools and data applications for its customers through its own exclusive application of Agile methodology.
The firm also has one concession, seven preliminary awards and one exclusive application.
Speaking about the exclusive application created in the partnership, Tushar Goculdas, Director - Sales and Marketing at adidas India, commented: "We continue to seek unique and exciting ways to engage our consumers.
In early 1980s, percutaneous removal techniques using Dormia basket was introduced, but today the Nitinol gooseneck snare loops are more widely used for this exclusive application (3).
Chris Pappas, president of Nova Chemicals' Styrenics Business, stated: "We are very pleased to bring our industry-leading EPS process technology, exclusive application designs and value-added polymer products to the rapidly expanding Mexican market.
It has an exclusive application and allows for claims resulting from an accident or from damage suffered.