exclusive attention

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Barren sun-dried patches, and little holes and crevices opened here and there by the action of the summer heat, announced that the lawn, like everything else at the farm, had been neglected, in the exclusive attention paid to the claims of the horses.
How far the Huron comprehended the intentions of his new friend may well be doubted; but as exclusive attention is as flattering to a savage as to a more civilized individual, it had produced the effect we have mentioned.
As Bruno Latour, with his characteristic grace and Puckishness puts it, "To balance our accounts of society, we simply have to turn our exclusive attention away from humans and look also at non-humans.
Among the models of romantic love, he isolates the conceptions of exclusive attention (Ortega y Gasset), of ecstatic union (nuptial mystics), and of passionate suffering (Chretien de Troyes of the courtly-love tradition).
Its exclusive attention to motifs and taletypes and its hunt for origins and original shapes, have distracted us from any real understanding of these narratives', it is claimed.
He rejects the philosophy of "strict constructionism,' which demands exclusive attention to--and literal interpretation of--the constitutional text.
We are focused on getting results and dedicated to giving our clients exclusive attention, even as we continue to expand," said President and CEO, Steven Marin.
Interacting with media on Thursday, Ismail has stressed that the fund puts its exclusive attention on the Egyptian villages requiring assistance urgently.
Tarrar said that progress and prosperity of a country largely depends on its highways and that is why the present government is paying exclusive attention to the Communications Sector and the Prime Minister desires not only to provide maximum travelling facilities to the people but also to expand the road network to neighbouring countries so that distances could be minimized and trade, tourism, industry and agriculture of the country get a boost and our economy is strengthened.
Talking to the media, Arbab Alamgir said that the present democratic government was paying exclusive attention to the Communications Sector and " we are giving priority to ongoing mega projects such as Lowari Road Tunnel, Northern Bypass and others in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa", he deliberated.
The two that received almost exclusive attention were the argument that Saddam had an active WMD programme and the assertion, made most vigorously by then vice-president Richard Cheney, that there were "proven links" connecting the Iraqi leadership to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
It's natural at this age to protect her things and her withdrawal to her room could be her way of accepting she no longer has your exclusive attention.