exclusive possession

References in classic literature ?
The territory, thus free from all exclusive possession, they might have taken by the natural right of occupancy.
A solitary willow had taken root in the alluvion, and profiting by its exclusive possession of the soil, the tree had sent up its stem far above the crest of the adjacent rock, whose peaked summit had once been shadowed by its branches.
The exclusive possession of a marine boiler had given Falk the whiphand of us all.
This companion dying, the animal fell into his own exclusive possession.
Jerusalem cannot and must not be subject to exclusive possession and greed, Ashrawi said, adding that "this exposes the false claims of Israel that it respects freedom of worship for all religions.
Jerusalemcannot and must not be subject to exclusive possession and greed, said Ashrawi,adding that, "this exposes the false claims of Israel that it respects freedomof worship for all religions.
Lewis balked at that language, but he instructed the jury that, if a party with exclusive possession of material evidence disposes of the evidence, the jury may infer that the evidence would have been detrimental to that partys case.
Therefore, we believe the main requirement for achieving neutrality is the sovereignty of the state and its exclusive possession of weapons.
He also noted that creativity is not the exclusive possession only human beings are born with, citing the examples of robot artists.
I seek this Order of Protection against David and request that this Court grant me exclusive possession of my residence on an emergency basis because of David's increasingly aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior toward me," the document read which Hudson filed on Thursday.
The insured did not have actual and exclusive possession of the property when the damage occurred and the applicability of the care, custody, or control exclusion depends on this point.
The investigations have shown that the suspects took exclusive possession of the depositors' money, with which they bought expensive cars and special car licence plates.