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Following the notification of the arrangements, Greece cooperated actively with the Commission to determine the market values of the exclusive rights and the VLT licence.
In an exclusive right to sell or deal arrangement, the broker is entitled to a commission even if the buyer and seller or lessor and lessee consummate a deal between themselves, without the use of any broker.
The granting of such exclusive rights, under the proper terms and conditions, confers a benefit upon the public that outweighs the evils of the temporary monopoly.
However, the Government agreements which give the company exclusive rights to the Pacific yew and to all Government-funded research on Taxol have created large barriers to market entry which no other firm can easily overcome.
In addition to awarding Chromatin exclusive rights to mini-chromosomes in plants, this patent also describes technology that makes it possible to add several genes ("gene stacks") simultaneously to a plant, reducing the time and expense to commercialize new products.
LOS ANGELES -- Beverage Concepts, LLC and Authentic Hendrix made noise today at the NAMM Show by announcing the launch of the only official beverage line to carry the exclusive rights to the Jimi Hendrix name and image.
The change in the law allows corporations to have exclusive rights for a total of 95 years, instead of 75 years as is now the case.
The Company acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to patent 5,966,393 "Hybrid Light-Emitting Sources for Efficient and Cost Effective White Lighting and for Full-Color Applications" from the University of California - Santa Barbara through a restricted stock transaction between Cyberlux Corporation, UTEK and the University, which include capital for the acceleration of the technology commercialization.
For years the hotel industry has been auctioning off exclusive rights and it has been siphoning off millions of dollars that could go to improving dispatch systems and making taxis safer for the public,'' said Commissioner John Shallman.
Under this arrangement pSivida and Faber can elect to convert their co-exclusive rights to exclusive rights for a specific infectious disease indication(s).
Lancaster's two trash companies are going back to the negotiating table with city officials after a proposal to give one the exclusive right to serve businesses drew a heated public response.
Company Has the Exclusive Right to Distribute Patented Cable Products Which Are the Most Commonly Used Mechanism in USB-Based and Other Computer Power Related Retractable Cable Products