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Contrary to its original, ideological epithets, the dominant discourse of mestizaje has used racial formations not only to assign hierarchical and exclusory codes of meaning and belonging, but also to carve and sustain a logic of whitening.
27) Meie oma pojaga kaisime maal we own son:COM visited countryside 'We with our son visited the countryside' (only the exclusory reading is possible) (28) Meie [pojaga.
The danger is that the metaphor of invisibility executes its own form of exclusory agency, providing a pretext for conjuring women off the news scene.
Determinate, exclusory choices need not be made when a cooperative spirit is more readily adaptable to the objectives sought.
While neither section was essential to the exhibition, the first served as a useful reminder that the game was not entirely abstract or theoretical but was situated in time and place, and the second underscored that, if such "experiments" must be iconoclastic (assuming their goal is to cast a blow against the exclusory structure of museums), they have to be conducted according to a strategic plan, without which they end up being mere grist for the mill of the culture industry and its irrepressible transformation of museums into amusement parks.
be as exclusory as the process whereby written records dismiss much of oral history.
Subtle wording in the exclusory language can create either a presumption of honesty (i.
It is too tempting to use them like a checklist, and as exclusory (fail one and you are out
Downplaying the brahmanical exclusory tendency--the self is known by the right people who are learned in the right texts and skilled in the right practices--Vivekananda stressed rather that religions are best conceived of as multiple paths leading to a single goal, even if some do so more efficiently than others.