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The Hanifin-Rajka criteria were used in a treatment trial with montelukast to rate the level of induration, erythema, excoriation, lichenification (Fig.
Primary endpoints include assessment of total clinical severity based upon erythema (redness of the skin), papulation (swelling) and excoriation (scratch marks) scores.
Compared with their peers, neglected patients were more likely to have poor clothing, poor skin integrity, decubitus ulcers, diarrhea, urine burns, or urine excoriations.
The skin was rugated and erythematous, with no indication of infection or excoriation.
By comparison, his counterparts in the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS would have simply entered "90 partisans destroyed," closed the regimental diary and then moved on to the next contestant without being subject to media excoriation.
There are dressings available that prevent excoriation of the surrounding skin and leakage through clothing.
Caption: DSM-5 eliminates subtypes such as paranoid and catatonic from the schizophrenia definition, replaces gender identity disorder with gender dysphoria, and adds several new disorders, including premenstrual dysphoric disorder, hoarding disorder, gambling disorder and excoriation disorder, in which people compulsively pick at themselves.
The announcement came with a list of excoriation against the once-powerful man, describing him as a man who perpetrated many crimes, such as mismanagement of the economy, corruption, and "depraved" acts like womanising and drug-taking.
Abstract: Pododermatitis is a pathologic condition commonly reported in captive raptors and characterized by swelling, excoriation, ulceration, cellulitis, or abscessation of the plantar aspect of the foot.
However, for the H-IFN-[gamma] group, uterine bleeding, necrosis, excoriation infiltrated with neutrophils, deep layer cell breaking, nucleus breakage, inflammatory sites infiltrated with macrophages and plasma cells were observed in the uterine mucosa (Figure 4E).
OCD, Hoarding Disorder, Excoriation Disorder), and Trauma-and Stressor-Related Disorders (e.
Divesting this asset will allow us to better focus on our other drug delivery assets, including the Saturn (TM) tablet designed for improved esophageal transit and increasingly a focal point of therapeutic and potential product liability concern with regard to unnecessary esophageal excoriation by a whole group of drugs that can cause damage when esophageal transit fails.