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Furthermore, patients with DP often present with a component of contact dermatitis, skin excoriations or ulcerations, or secondary infections (Levin & Gieler, 2013).
Interestingly, 61% of patients showed some form of dermatitis on skin biopsy, and almost half had excoriation, ulcerations, or erosions.
The body presented with various excoriations on the right forehead, in between the eyebrows, and underneath the chin.
The patients most likely to present to a dermatologist are those with delusions of parasitosis, factitial dermatitis, neurotic excoriations, trichotillomania, and borderline personality disorder.
By day 37, the wounds had begun to heal, but multiple excoriations and puncture wounds were now visible along the right patagium.
Yet for all Europe's excoriations of Gitmo as a blight on America, no one jumped at this easy chance to reduce the prison population.
The primary lesions are black dots, papules, nodules and burrowing excoriations.
Lesions may have associated excoriations or purpura.
If a resident has a skin tear or incontinence-associated dermatitis, or if the resident scratches him- or herself and has resultant excoriations, these are not to be classified as stage II pressure ulcers.
The most common signs and symptoms of chronic hepatitis, which may show no symptoms for many years, include an enlarged liver and spleen, jaundice, muscle wasting, excoriations (the result of scratching), ascites (swelling of the abdomen) and swelling of the ankles.