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ISIS is also the latest excrescence of a militant and expansionist wing of Islam that seeks to impose a retrograde Shariah law upon unwilling human beings, by murderous force if need be.
They may not always do so, but any race avoiding those two surfaces in the current climate is immediately rendered nothing more than an excrescence.
No, or very little sign, of the monstrous glass and concrete excrescence Muse Development and the Council want to put up.
A relatively ordinary form, say a stein, is connected to a strange bulbous excrescence, or a cactus patch butts up against some bizarre three-dimensional applique.
An osteochondroma can be considered a cartilage-covered osseous excrescence that arises from the surface of a bone.
Out of the trees on Merritts Hill pokes an enormous tower, a cross between Big Ben, a board school and a baronial excrescence.
The church was ''an unadorned edifice, of an octangular form, rather dark from the smallness of its windows, and having, attached to one of its sides, a circular projection, bearing a diminutive extinguisher-looking excrescence, by way of steeple''.
It is a type of excrescence that clearly fascinated him, and which he rediscovered in the type of lush mark that can be obtained by the "brush" tool in applications such as Photoshop.
This lesion arises from the metaphyseal region of the long bones as a bony excrescence contiguous with the medullary compartment that characteristically points away from the adjacent joint.
These virtues make all the more depressing the excrescence of errors--typographical and informational--that all but scupper this enterprise.
As many readers are undoubtedly aware, the Provincial EIESinitiative (together with its appalling excrescence which is Bill #13)is a well-orchestrated and insulting affront to Catholic teaching and Catholic values.
and your friends had a knowing what you had Margaret Clegg, via But the financial cost of this parasitic excrescence atop British society is not the worst of it.