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See Wise, supra note 201 "([T]here is still no special defense: the real ground of exculpation is the broader one that someone who could not reasonably be expected to know that his conduct was illegal, or who could not reasonably be expected to have disobeyed an order, acts without culpability.
The exculpation provision of corporation law is as much an illustration of the limits of the purely contractual view of corporate governance.
31(a)(2)(i) and (iv) of Model Business Corporation Act (2002), Delaware corporation law qualifies the board's oversight responsibilities considerably by deducing them from the obligation to act in good faith rather than basing them on the duty of care, (136) and by allowing corporations to include an exculpation provision in their articles of incorporation.
95) Section 22(claim of right) is a specialized "circumstantial" exculpation, in that it applies only to the mental element attending property offences.
Unfortunately these seem to be the more interesting and the more potentially fruitful ones--the dynamics of neighbors' role in controlling their local public and private spheres; the social background of prostitutes and procurers; and the exculpation of former prostitutes, to name but a few.
He bypasses the dichotomy of exculpation versus condemnation by simply telling the story of how Germans managed to fashion lives for themselves in the wake of both defeat and disgrace.
This came in response to a written request by Kostov and Dimitrov, asking EPP to scorn the ruling, center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party over statements of its leader and Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, deemed an exculpation of the Communist regime in Bulgaria and of Communist dictator, Todor Zhivkov.
Lenders, because of their view that these risks are of most concern, take the position that borrowers should become liable for damages or lose exculpation from personal liability altogether in the following areas:
Rather, companies seeking exculpation must actively attempt to detect and prevent it throughout the organization.
Coun McKerlich said: "Regrettably, as usual, decisionsonhowtomove forwardare being obscured by self exculpation.
However, exculpation of Israeli behavior would also have to answer convincingly two claims: The first, developed by Richard Falk in his essay, is that the rocket attacks could have been ended without recourse to intense violence by ending the blockade of Gaza and entering into a formal truce with Hamas.
This indubitably is true and, consequently, there is nothing more unethical than the act of minimizing psychiatric exculpation in the criminal justice system by statistical legerdemain.