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To clear or excuse from guilt.

An individual who uses the excuse of justification to explain the lawful reason for his or her action might be exculpated from a criminal charge. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that works to clear an individual from fault.


verb absolve, absolve of fault, absolve of wrongdoing, acquit, clear, clear from a charge, clear from alleged guilt, clear from imputation of fault, declare guilttess, declare not guilty, dismiss, excusare, excuse, free, free from blame, give absolution to, justify, pardon, prove guiltless, prove not guilty, set free, vindicate, vindicate from unjust reproach
Associated concepts: exculpatory clause, exculpatory eviience, exculpatory statement, mitigation of damages
See also: absolve, acquit, clear, discharge, excuse, exonerate, extenuate, forgive, free, justify, liberate, palliate, purge, release, remit, vindicate
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In this section I will show that even if appearings were considered as full members of the conceptual as McDowell holds, they would suffer problems similar to those of their old ancestors: that is, they offer exculpations rather than justifications.
We saw that in McDowell's opinion the traditional conception of experience only gave us exculpations where we needed justifications and this was so because experience was conceived of as non-conceptual.
Consequently, in any of the above circumstances, a defendant's only hope for exculpation lies formally outside the doctrinal parameters of the substantive criminal law, as through the exercise of prosecutorial discretion or jury nullification.
At the same time, though, we don't want other prisoners to know about his exculpation because those in truly dire straits will try to escape no matter what they believe the conduct rules provide, and because publicizing the defense would risk encouraging prisoners to escape even absent true necessity.
111) If a jury determines that she did so only because forcibly (and maliciously) propelled by her older brother Bart, it is ridiculous for the legal system to seek to transmit a message that Lisa is entitled to anything less than top-drawer exculpation.
116) If Lisa did not suspect--indeed (if it matters) where nobody would have suspected--that her lunch box contained a bomb, it may be thought normatively obtuse to saddle her with the relative stigma that must attach to anything less than the most robust form of exculpation the system makes available.
among companies with and without fiduciary duty waivers or exculpations.
duty waivers or exculpation might effectively eliminate members'