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The particular merit of his study lies in highlighting the general direction of the huote excursus, pointing (Jut that it encourages the readers to do better than Tristan and Isolde (pp.
s final chapter: it includes a grand excursus on "The Love of the Poor" in the middle of four other pastoral sections.
This thought-provoking volume offers an excursus on the aesthetics of architecture as expressed in its details.
and interesting etymological, historical, and theoretical excursus on "the phenomenon of syncretism" by Carsten Colpe.
It is an excellent bibliographical excursus, guiding the reader through much of the recent scholarship done, and the footnotes and bibliography are full and most helpful.
Except for a brief excursus to world art, the emphasis is on Christian art and at least quasi-Christian theology.
also examines doubtful and inauthentic works and provides an interesting excursus on the legend about Augustine and the little boy at the sea.
After a brief excursus in chapter 5 into a genre Marsh calls the "paradoxical encomium" -- a rhetorical display piece eulogizing a trivial or disagreeable object (Alberti's The Fly, Erasmus's In Praise of Folly, Rabelais's In Praise of Debt, among others) -- Marsh concludes with a discussion of Lucian's True Story (chapter 6), as exemplary of the fantastic voyage theme so dominant in later Western literature (episodes include a lunar landing; arriving in a country made of cheese; encounters with strange hybrid species).
Tempered natural light flows in through the scrim-covered windows in the building's north and south walls, and there are also vertical fluorescent tubes in each room - true the north and one on the south wall in Prologue, one on each wall in Excursus.
For example, he maintains that the excursus at sections 48-67 on disagreements about the value of health is an insertion by Sextus himself (p.
While this particular conclusion is not strictly new, it is supported by an impressive array of evidence in Excursus I, which I find convincing, if not always easy to follow.
He gives a long excursus on Josephus' creation of a speech for Agrippa along with an explanation of the use of oratory in historical works.