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Along this journey there are many picaresque cul-de-sacs and informative and detailed excursuses into the regional and national (Jewish) histories of the locales mentioned.
One of the excursuses into modern times concerns institutions founded by the British (pp.
Knight's readings occasionally launch into excursuses on "extramural" matters like history, philosophy, politics, and economics, but in each case the digression is highly worthwhile.
The first of these concerns the ideal nature of the love relationship described within the narrative, while the second concerns the relationship between excursuses and narrative within the text.
Four excursuses, a bibliography, and three indexes (names and subjects, ancient sources, and Hebrew words) complete the study.
There are also helpful excursuses on deciphering characters, the varying placement of determinatives, and phonetic borrowings.
The coverage is uneven, with scant attention to later prose, for example, whilst there are lengthy excursuses on comparatively minor points.
The plethora of excursuses referring to decollations in mythology, literature, and art ultimately reach the point of dulling the reader's interest in learning about the facts of the murder.
Rosen's penchant for scattering the excursuses through the commentary with apparent randomness and his lack of clarity about which of the three--Stranger, Plato, or Rosen--is being assigned responsibility for any particular claim make it difficult to piece together a coherent account of what he wants to say on these three issues.