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Unfortunately this execrably smug and dreary supermarket song shares it's name with a great tune by Irish rockers Thin Lizzy.
Many of the terms found in FTAs are so vague or execrably drafted as to invite questionable litigation, such as occurred when the U.
Yet many developing country health services now depend on user fees in order to function, not to mention informal payments to providers, whose salaries at least in the public sector are execrably low.
And is it so long since Peter Freeman shopped for groceries in a "convenience" store that he's forgotten how execrably inconvenient the process can be?
So conceived, the Devil premises the urgency with which self-surveillance be undertaken, for it is known that insidious temptation might be confronted at life's very next turn and, once experienced, might proceed to orchestrate the variously criminal, blasphemous, heretical, or rebellious outcomes in which the subversion of the self is most execrably demonstrated.
The baubles and ribbons in the feathered wig of the 1653 portrait of the Infanta Maria Teresa (Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum) and her dabbled corsage seem to be execrably and tawdrily daubed, when scrutinised nearby: at a remove they glorify her homely face.