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381), execrated the neo-classical monumentality of St.
Il divo (The Idol, 2008) drew a vitriolic portrait of Giulio Andreotti, probably the most famous, feared, admired, and execrated Italian statesman, seven times prime minister, accused of collusion with the Mafia and conspiracy against the republic.
Rather than extend the life of the Revolutionary Tribunal--now an execrated symbol of the Terror--the Convention resorted to a military commission to try the "last Montagnards" of Prairial.
As a study of what a man becomes in an oppressive and intolerant society, Shylock was, again in Irving's words, "a representative of a race which generation after generation has been cruelly used, insulted, execrated.
Compared to the figures in Pope's Dunciad in my discussion below, for example, even the execrated proper names in Shelley's poem resonate with the surplus of curses rather than the bathos of condescension.
Una vendetta in domino: All bound together in faith by a pact, all burning with a single desire, we swear by our soul to God to sacrifice this execrated Duke (Ruler).
12) In sum, though women today regard the term patriarchy as an outdated bogey, cadres of feminist critics entrenched in academe brandish it as the execrated name of the common enemy.
When he was execrated by fellow scientists and the public, his intellectual vanity wouldn't allow him to stop.
He's being execrated, says the Asia Times, for suggesting the megalopolis needs a five per cent goods and services tax to stabilize government revenues, which normally depend on volatile land prices and corporate profits.
Professor Luzzatto begins with a terrible prefiguring of 1945's events: the 1920 description, by Mussolini himself, of a feral socialist-anarchist mob defiling a policeman's corpse in Milan's Piazzale Loreto, the same venue where he himself would be execrated a quarter of a century later.
Titian was among the painters whom Blake had execrated, but Rossetti was won over by Titian's portrait Francis I, which he called 'stunning' (Correspondence, I, 109).