execute justice

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permit and enjoin each judge to execute justice within his own jurisdiction.
Consequently, the only platform left for the common man is the slow moving judiciary, which can take decades to execute justice.
Justice is God's minimum requirement for governance; the state has been given the power of the sword precisely to be able to execute justice for all.
Can Lithuanian courts execute justice in an unbiased and emotion-free manner?
We need persons of integrity and values, persons who can discern and judge sagaciously to unearth truth and execute justice.
This question of responsibility and recognition struck me as crucially important, because it shows that the power to execute justice comes with a moral responsibility that can be very difficult to discern.
All they can do is cry out to God and hope that someday God will execute justice on their behalf.
The days are surely coming, Jeremiah says, when a righteous branch will rise up to execute justice and righteousness in the land.
If the terrorists showed themselves to be cold-blooded liquidators, the authorities should execute justice in cold blood too.
Again and again, the biblical texts say: "The Lord has made you king to execute justice and righteousness" (1 Kings 10:9; Jeremiah 22:15-16).
A gay prosecutor (Jim Frangione) is trying to execute justice and stave off the breakup of his marriage with boy toy Bernard (Noah Bean).
At the same time it asks me, it demands of me, not only that I do not execute justice myself, but even that I renounce legitimate self-defense, except in very narrowly circumscribed cases.