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The present studies have come to the conclusion that through biblical hermeneutics one understands the theoretical framework (rules, principles, and technics) which permit the discovery of the true sense of a sacral text, while the biblical exegesis is seen as a practical application of the principles and theoretical rules provided by hermeneutics and, at the same time, starting point in setting up the exegetic homily.
In recent months, several critics, without mention of the exegetic dissonance I discuss here, have viewed Canelo's recent books as milestones in her evolving metapoetic discourse.
who gives the entire Scripture its true meaning" and leaning on Him, the enraptured, listening feminine soul, the ultimate charismatic model for the student of Claudel's exegetics.
For the Imagines does not grant physical access to the described pictures, but rather materializes a series of exegetic discursive responses: in the absence of actual paintings, the work invites audiences to exercise its own 'innate mimetic faculty,' reconstructing mental images of the pictures described.
There ate many facets to this reading of Dante, and many areas that Borges investigates are common to exegetic commentaries on the Comedy; other areas are pertinent, so it would appear, only to Borges.
Figure 10 provides a comparison of the compression efficiency of hydrogen compressors providing exegetic efficiency greater than 80% and capability to easily attain pressures up to 10,000 psi or 700 bars.
22) Sub imperiul vointei legiuitorului, omul de stiinta isi limita activitatea exclusiv la campul exegetic, adica el descria dreptul scris si nimic mai mult.
The principles of translating and interpreting the Bible that are stated in the first two structures are illustrated in the Old Testament's Exegetic Fragmentarium, a component which comprises precise exegetic studies inserted here to show the way in which the principles of patristic interpretation can be applied today, and this without developing an anachronistic speech, but by applying the interpretative paradigms of the Holy Fathers with a view to clarifying a modern message that can be addressed to the contemporaneity.
Much of the work's structure is conveyed by Sachs in an exegetic tour de force simultaneously detailed and readable, requiring no particular score-reading know-how, but with abundant revelations for those who do have the printed music handy.
Colombia received strong influence from the French Exegetic School in the area of civil law, as well as in the design of the administrative jurisdiction, and this French influence was also visible in constitutional matters before the P.
However, it should be noted that the author does not give sufficient attention to the writings of Nahmanides, whose exegetic, Torah-based, kabbalistic, philosophical thought exposes profound scientific intuition regarding the central issues with which this book deals.
77) Rather, his espoused exegetic principle involves "a living encounter of the texts within the encounter of religions, resulting in a further articulation of implicit meanings which these texts would not reveal unless they are mutually exposed to each other's illuminating disclosures.