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Such an exercise bypasses the authority of the exegetical tradition in the hope of recreating the earliest historical reception of the Quranic text.
The conceptual diversity of words arising out of this root is systematically organized in the section dealing with its exegetical explanations, which includes classical and contemporary reflections on phrases such as khalaqa lakum (He created for you) and khalaqa kulla shay' (He created everything), as well as concepts such as the creation of human beings and aspects of creation which the Qur'an uses as proofs for Oneness of the Creator (Tawhid).
In chapter 4, Pardes examines the contemporary exegetical context of the Israelite King Ahab, especially the use of the story of Ahab's appropriation of Naboth's Vineyard (1 Kings 21) in contemporary discourse criticizing American expansionism in the era of Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War.
We must be gibborai Torah, exegetical warriors, who will battle for our religious values, truths, and readings of tradition.
If the sprawling, abstruse City sometimes seems to require a full exegetical apparatus of family trees and background notes on Taiwanese history, The Puppetmaster--about Li Tien-lu, one of Taiwan's official "national treasures," whose life (1909-1998) spanned the turbulent modern history of the island, from the early years of Japanese occupation through the coming of democracy--is even more difficult.
They include fiery pamphlets, along with exegetical works on the Resurrection of the Flesh and On the Soul.
Plato's Ion, despite its frail frame and traditionally modest status in the corpus, has given rise to large exegetical claims.
Following Auerbach, Freinkel finds in the theology of figura, the exegetical technique of converting Old Testament stories and tropes into New Testament truths, not only a poetics and hermeneutics of writing and reading, but also a philosophy and economy of history built on the supercession of one epoch (Judaism) by another (Christianity).
She notes, in an extensive bibliography, Robertson's formerly influential Preface to Chaucer, but not Huppe's almost equally notorious Reading of the Canterbury Tales (1964, revised 1967), which also took Augustine as a jumping-off point, and proceeded to organize around certain of his texts not only an understanding of the concept of pilgrimage, but a point-by-point exegetical analysis of whichever medieval English texts concerned them.
is to contribute towards the process of rescuing Johnson from what has been a marginal and peripheral position, and to do so th[r]ough applying to his texts exegetical strategies that can sustain the value of his work.
Living Water for Thirsty Souls-Unleashing the Power of Exegetical Preaching by Marvin A.
Gardner reads Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly against the background of the Alien and Sedition Acts, for example, and two of Cooper's three 1820s Leatherstocking Tales against the Missouri Compromise--both unusual turns that will, one hopes, help free these texts from the rutted exegetical grooves which they have long inhabited.