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Closing the loop regarding medication management in the perioperative arena was the primary goal of our search," says Don Tillman, Director of Pharmacy at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital.
These exempla serve to express feelings and qualities which others should admire and follow.
The court held that the grounds Exempla argued for denying the estate's motion for confirmation - the disappearance of evidence and unavailability of witnesses - are irrelevant considerations in an arbitration award confirmation proceeding under the CUAA.
After introducing part 2, "Constructing the Preacher's Memory," with an examination of Francesc's treatise in the context of others on the art of preaching, Rivers surveys medieval justifications for the use of images in preaching (chapter 5) and considers the picturae of the classicizing friars as a principal example of medieval mnemonic exempla (chapter 6).
He also served for nine years on the board of Exempla Healthcare in Denver, including service as chairman for two years.
Communication in health care environments affects everything from sharing information among caregivers to improving patient care," explains Kevin Maynard, Telecommunications Manager at Exempla.
The Children's Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Colorado and Exempla Healthcare have formed a new health information exchange system.
For instance, Albesano argues, the way in which the three authors connect prose to poetry follows the style of presenting exempla in sermons, because images taken from the parts in poetry sections of the Consolatio are explicitly used as illustrative stories of the theological and moral concepts expressed in the narrative sections.
The second part of the book is entitled "the stories (cuentos) inserted in the treatises on magic," but before dealing with the stories themselves Zamora Calvo discusses at some length the terminology for story--cuento, fabliella, estoria, novella, and so on--and defines the categories exempla, nova, lai, fabliau, myth, miracle, and novellae.
The transformative development of the exempla into idle talk is much more openly addressed and even knowingly used by Manning's Handlyng Synne, but there the narrator expresses a great deal of caution about blurring the boundaries between the two.
She is particularly concerned with confession, because confessional examination required individuals to define themselves with reference to categories of sinful or virtuous living as well as to the narrative models offered in associated exempla.
The characters tell more than four-hundred short stories, proverbs, exempla, puns [bischizzi in the text], and witty repartees.