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The red dashed line shows exemplarily the ISFC which results from the reduction of the injected water mass to 50 % of the mass necessary to achieve the minimal fuel consumption.
Graphs are exemplarily shown for the supernatant of one macrophage donor.
Other signals, as exemplarily shown in figure 8 (right), exhibit smaller amplitudes for both, AE and EME, signals and therefore are attributed to weaker source mechanisms.
The cross-linked PLA curve shows exemplarily the sample measured at the winder position with different distances of the UV lamp to the film.
Figure 5 exemplarily shows a series of three pictures taken at a constant distance to the substrate within a horizontally directed flow field.
In class, we focused on the so-called J or "Jahwist" voice (believed by some to have been that of a unique woman poet, using traditional folktale materials), but compared her (or his/their) tales exemplarily to the contributions of the P or "Priestly" voice, which were mostly negative and orthodoxly censorious: the writers versus the priestly nonwriters--those whom Sally Elliott, The Brunist Day of Wrath's resident debunker, calls "a bunch of beardy guys with tight assholes.
Moreover the selected approach should be compatible to common modelling languages, such as SysML or UML to be in line with already existing SEP approaches, which are exemplarily described in [5].
He said: "We thought that the day went very well and the vast majority of fans showed exemplarily behaviour.
The members of the delegation presented Exemplarily Service Award 2015 to the Police Chief on his meritorious services and expressed full confidence over his professional capabilities.
There Mikuriya Takashi cross-references other inmates' diaries to demonstrate, for example, that Sasakawa was indeed liked by his peers and conducted himself exemplarily, as Sasakawa often boasts.
Figures 4a and 4b show exemplarily typical midspan deflection curves w(t) monitored within a creep loading time of 52 weeks.