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The cross-linked PLA curve shows exemplarily the sample measured at the winder position with different distances of the UV lamp to the film.
The TFRC mRNA expression has been exemplarily confirmed by immunohistochemistry.
Figures 9a and 9b exemplarily depict the soderived deflection data points for PU adhesive products P6 and P7 and their respective matched PRF references:
The Terranova - new earth project made the previously polluted area usable and exemplarily got small investors and residents to take part.
Regarding GIScience, we may exemplarily point to a debate between human geographers in this field, namely between Schuurman and Leszczynski on the one side and Crampton on the other.
Similarly, Izenberg reads O'Hara's marked casualness of diction and flittings of attention as evasions of both personal subjectivity and form, but he fails to distinguish significantly among different texts of O'Hara's, some of which O'Hara may have specifically chosen to publish (rather than leaving them in notebooks) precisely because the casual diction and flow of attention to a subject matter in this particular text are, after all, distinctively and exemplarily his.
Mitchell Johnson (four for 61) was at his spearing, menacing best, while Ryan Harris (three for 28), Peter Siddle (one for 24) and Nathan Lyon (two for 17) did their jobs exemplarily as well.
The club added: "His loyalty to Ferndale RFC has been exemplarily and he is held in high esteem by everyone at the club.
Over a run of more than 50 miles which took in a complexity of roads, that switched and doubled backed into figures of eight this car was exemplarily.
The situation of the freely made decision is exemplarily performed in the passage where the POOR MAY asks alms of the other figures (862ff.
The touching scene represented in The Forest Dweller exemplarily demonstrates this notion by alternating areas roughly handled and others directly modelled with pigments.
Additionally, as exemplarily illustrated by panels [A] to [C] of Figure 4, we can demonstrate that the definition of the treatment group does have an influence on the findings.