exemption from punishment

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Manama, July 12th (BNA) --In the framework of the policy aiming at the pillar of the security culture, particularly anti-narcotics, and in completion of the articles published earlier, today we will address the issue of the possibility of exemption from punishment for drug offenses according to cases stipulated by the Bahraini legislature.
The legislator opened the door for those who return and not continue in committing such crimes, through what has been stipulated of exemption from punishment for those who take the initiative to inform public authorities about some drug crimes prior to the knowledge of the authorities.
Thus, the legislator calls on the desire for exemption from punishment and repentance, through granting an opportunity for those who were involved in some crimes to come back to their senses.
The new law will grant exemption from punishment for those who receive a sext and either report or destroy it within 48 hours.
Thus the early commentators likely have the right idea in not explaining the limitation of ritual and exemption from punishment on the basis of this context.
He takes a different approach to the exemption from punishment, refuting it on the basis of other canonical sources.
The ideas of ritual exclusion for commoners and exemption from punishment for grandees relate to each of the three major ideas found in "Jie ji": the palace analogy, the rat-and-vessel and the cap-and-shoes analogies, and Jia Yi's conception of requital and virtus.
The factually guilty defendant, however, insofar as he seeks to enforce the public interest by obtaining exemption from punishment, is a most improbable and inadequate representative of the public interest.