exercise discretion

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Rather, it would provide firms with a safe harbor when they exercise discretion in placing temporary holds on disbursements.
They recognised your belief in openness and in good communication with members but you need to exercise discretion in how you communicate on both e-mail and social media.
The Strasbourg court ruled that there was "no consensus among the Council of Europe member states in favour of permitting the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment", and that states could therefore exercise discretion.
There are many parts of immigration law where the INA authorizes an executive agency to exercise discretion in order to carry out statutory mandates.
For months the White House and Obama's supporters have insisted that he has the authority to direct immigration authorities to exercise discretion in deciding which immigrants in the country illegally will face deportation and which won't.
Seeking to put an end to prolonged legal battles in divorce cases, the Law Ministry has proposed that courts will be free to exercise discretion in granting divorce after three years if one of the partners does not move a second 'joint application' for divorce with mutual consent.
We aim to be the best; to exercise discretion and sensitivity in dealing with our clients and to provide a personal, tailored service.
Feiz and Associates is certainly aware that many patients might be self-conscious about their decision to undergo treatment, and they always exercise discretion and empathy for patients at every step of the weight loss journey.
Officers will no longer be able to exercise discretion with motorists.
In order to provide some relief to taxpayers who are late in filing returns and end up paying hefty penalties calculated on a daily basis, Jaitley said that Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) will be empowered to exercise discretion.
which is entitled to exercise discretion over the voting rights in the
Eight papers investigate the relationship between the inference of fraud and the probability of a lawsuit settlement, the efficacy of legislation in altering the financial reporting behavior of corporate managers, and whether CEOs exercise discretion in recognizing environmental liabilities surrounding their turnover.