exercise judgment

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You want that inspector to be able to exercise judgment and to do his job right.
According to a statement by the party today: "The foreign relations official in the party Hayman Hawrami said during a meeting with US Consul General in Kurdistan province Matisse Meetmn, and told him that the MDC, after failing to exercise judgment, turned to chaos and incite the masses against the Kurdistan Democratic Party.
This means it is of upmost importance to attract candidates who can demonstrate critical thinking skills, the ability to process large volumes of often complex material, exercise judgment, and demonstrate a strong capacity for empathy.
The letter makes concrete suggestions to improve disclosure by eliminating obsolete information which is readily available elsewhere as a result of changes in technology, eliminating duplicative or redundant disclosure, and by taking a principles based approach that would require a basic set of information but also allow companies flexibility to exercise judgment in applying disclosure requirements to communicate about their own businesses and circumstances.
8) The explanation of the recommendation goes on to state, "Practitioners should be cautious in deciding whether to follow a recommendation classified as 'limited,' and should exercise judgment and be alert to emerging publications that report evidence.
If you're always crying wolf you'll be considered a flake, so you need to exercise judgment carefully and judiciously," he said.
It also will help implementers distinguish between areas where there are clear mandates and areas where colleges are left to exercise judgment in implementing effective responses.
Readers should conduct their own review and exercise judgment prior to investing.
What's most important is that lawyers exercise judgment and respect both sides to help bring others to solve problems.
If that inspection reveals a defect, we expect the employee to exercise judgment {Person} regarding how to address the situation.
To know the difference between good and evil is to exercise judgment against God's own better judgment (5) and to form opinions of morality that fail to protect good relationships but expel them just as God expelled the first people from the Garden.
The reps are able to exercise judgment about exactly what information to put forward.