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Please exert yourself, Miss Emily--I am waiting to be interested.
When I had concluded my narration I said, "This is the being whom I accuse and for whose seizure and punishment I call upon you to exert your whole power.
I will exert myself, and if it is in my power to seize the monster, be assured that he shall suffer punishment proportionate to his crimes.
BAGHDAD / Nina /-- MP Nahida Daini accused certain political parties to exert pressure on displaced people and forced them to adhere to those parties in exchange for their return to their areas liberated from the control of Daash.
The honoring coincides with the ROP celebrations of its Annual Day and in a recognition of the ROP General Command of the sincere efforts being exerted by the police personnel and urging them to exert more efforts of dedication to serve the dear country.
The way he runs seems exert extra pressure on his hips, knees to exert extra pressure on his hips, knees and ankles.
Therefore, it was necessary to exert all efforts, possible and impossible, towards stopping the fighting, particularly after the Israelis withdrew from the negotiations and our delegation returned and we continued our intensive efforts to resume negotiations again.
Ali Mahmud, Administrator of Anseba region, has called on civil servants in the region to exert more effort towards providing quality service to the public.
Damascus, SANA -- The Greek Catholic Church of Antioch and All the East conference called upon the international community to exert efforts to bring peace to Syria and the orient as to ensure the security of all the world.
How can we expect a man to exert good judgment in running the country when he can't exert good judgment in a shoe shop?
European football's governing body said regulations "strictly forbid any club to exert, or attempt to exert, any influence whatsoever over the players another club may or may not field".
The relatives of the pilgrims have been targeting Turkish interests in Lebanon for over two weeks now, in a bid to exert pressure on who they feel can secure the release of their loved ones.