exert authority

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While the club claimed they tried to stop the move, the fact it still went through has been seen as evidence that the hierarchy was unable to exert authority over both the player and the third party owners.
Bruno Manga and Sean Morrison failed to exert authority at the back and Millwall caused problems from corners and free-kicks.
As such, it disingenuously calls for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to exert authority it does not have.
Mading Duor did not exert authority because he fears his actions would be misinterpreted by the local population and their politicians since he comes from Warrap state where President Salva Kiir comes," noted the observer.
He also advocated stronger, hierarchical bureaucracies as the mechanisms for states to exert authority and power.
Libya's weak government has been unable to disarm former rebels who fought against deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, and parliament has deep internal divisions that further reduce Tripoli's ability to exert authority.
The weak government has been unable to dis-arm former rebels who fought against deposed leaderMuammar Gaddafiin 2011, and parliament has deep internal divisions that further reduceTripoli's ability to exert authority.
Her Majesty s Government takes a grave view of any attempt by Spain to exert authority or control within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters and considers such incursions as a violation of our sovereignty.
Men are expected to be financially independent, become husbands and fathers, be the primary income earner for the family, be achievers in the eyes of peers, and be in control and exert authority.
The report by the UN Security Council's Group of Experts - who monitor an arms embargo imposed on Libya at the start of an uprising in 2011 that ousted former dictator Muammar Gaddafi from power after more than four decades of rule, said Libya had become a key source of weapons in the region as its nascent government struggles to exert authority.
To what extent the coalition can exert authority over the dozens of disparate rebel militias fighting inside Syria will largely depend on the speed and quantity of weapons supplies.