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European institutions have tools at their disposal to exert pressure on Turkey so that it puts an end to its illegal actions within Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone, Cypriot MEP Neoclis Sylikiotis has told CNA.
This motion causes the backpack to exert a force (push or pull) on the person's body, making the bag feel even heavier than it is.
First, the employee decides the effort he exerts on the job, a [greater than or equal to] 0.
After considering all the known populations of stars that lie near the Milky Way's core, Brad Hansen of UCLA and Milos Milosavljevic of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena find that none can exert a strong enough gravitational tug to rapidly draw in a group of massive, short-lived stars born a few light-years from the core.
We therefore investigated the molecular mechanism of metal-induced apoptosis by examining whether cadmium exerts effects on the bcl-2 family.
Numerous factors are used in making the distinction between independent contractors and agents, most important of which is the amount of control the insurer exerts over the efforts of the "agent.
There is no practical method of directly measuring the pressure that a roller exerts on an adjacent roller or on the printing plate.
Mexican wages stay "anchored to the bottom," according to analysts such as Shaiken, because the Mexican government exerts pressure on weak Mexican trade unions to set low wages as an inducement to foreign investors; and because foreign and Mexican employers collaborate through their maquiladora trade associations to keep wages low, warning each other that resorting to wage increases to compete for workers will cause dangerous wage spirals.
Pornography exerts no power (except, perhaps, on the clinically addicted), whereas conspiracy ideas have been a shaping factor in history.