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Thirdly, during the end of the exhalation, it becomes possible to relax and stretch the body a little more with each breath.
For example, one study found the exhalation flow from a person is able to penetrate the natural convection boundary layer and the breathing zone of another person standing nearby.
With an exhalation, pull the feet inwards and push the waist upwards and try to touch the crown of the head to the floor.
The percussive contraction is based on the percussive exhalation.
At every fiery exhalation he was chuckling and a-chuntering, as if he'd never before seen a troupe of skimpily-dressed fire-eaters patrolling deep midwicket at an international cricket match.
He said Hazrat Sultan Bahoo taught that one should remember Allah Almighty through remembrance with the breath (inhalation and exhalation with Allah and Hoo respectively) to bring oneself closer to Almighty Allah.
Acetone is primarily produced in the blood when fat is broken down; however, it is also expelled through tiny sacs, called alveoli, in the lungs during exhalation and is therefore present in exhaled breath.
The technical challenge with Vivo 60 was to develop the technology needed to precisely measure exhaled volumes as small as 50 ml in the exhalation valve.
Then there is also whether there was an exhalation of breath.
With a soft gaze, strongly engage the right leg for about five cycles of inhalation and exhalation.
The realistic profile used for this work was obtained from Marr (2007) and shows and longer exhalation than inhalation.
Indians were found to have the worst lungs in the study which measured the volume of air exhaled one second after a forceful exhalation.