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We were prepared for some unpleasantness, for as we were opening the door a faint, malodorous air seemed to exhale through the gaps, but none of us ever expected such an odor as we encountered.
Gold doth his breath exhale, and golden rain: so doth his heart desire.
In a bathroom, he holds the roll-up and inhales and exhales, as a male shouts "he's smoking it" and roars with laughter.
As the elephant exhales, he wiggles his trunk in his mouth.
Take 10 to 15 strong exhales, keeping your abs flexed.
As she became more conscious of her inhales and exhales, she increased her stamina and moved more efficiently.
This means that on count of 4-5-6 instead of the left hand holding the board, the right hand will hold the board while the left arm pulls and the swimmer exhales with the face in the water.